Click here to see Veronica Ackerfeldt - password is trapeziste Little time before filming this video, I'd been particulary interested in the transformation and the disappearance of my body in its surroundings. (see the series of photos Metamorphoses)
The project Veronica Ackerfeldt was a way of accepting the humanity of my body. Accepting, but not in any way. Being human, but not just anyhow. I wanted to choose my being. I was questioning the concept of identity, asking myself to what extend ones identity is build up through external (social, cultural, financial etc.) factors, and to what point we actually choose to become, by nothing more than our personal will and perceverance. At this time I was very much interested in the idea that as a human being I had the capacity to do, be or become anything a human is capable of doing or being. Regardless of where I came from, and how I had been considered untill then. Veronica Ackerfeldt was a way of playing and questioning this revelation, and the power and emancipation it can provoke. In this video, I introduce myself as a Swedish trapeze artist. This short video, and a hand-made leotard incarnates my first fictional selfportret «The power is not divided. There is only one power, the one of seeing and saying. that one of being attentive to what we see and what we say. We learn sentences, we discover facts, I mean, links between different things, and still other links that are all of the same nature. We learn to combine letters, words, phrases and ideas. We will not say that we know the truth, nor that we have become a genius. But we will know that we can, on an intellectual level, do anything a man can do.» Jacques Rancière in Le maître ignorant, 1987.
Image stills of the video Veronika Ackerfeldt, 2011, 4'58''