The project; to become a singer.
Imagining all possible aspects. Discovering the voice, writing texts, making video clips, costumes. Draw, conceive and execute a range of objects and clothes that will be worn in the videos and on stage. All the different elements of this work are interlaced and growing at the same time. Untill the moment where every element finds its place and will constitute the pieces of an entity. It’s important to conserve and develop all investigation, all combinations between singing, drawing, sculpting, making video, sewing and writing. The Singers project is about the refusal of being exclusively what one is being told one is. It’s about refusing a social order. It’s about finding the freedom of becoming. It’s about this rich journey that is going from a point A to a point B, even though we might never actually get to the point B. The mouvement towards B is more important than B itself. It’s about the knowledge that one can learn, be and become without all that many restrictions. It’s about a particular awareness while exploring and experimenting the non-happend. «The power is not divided. There is only one power, the one of seeing and saying. that one of being attentive to what we see and what we say. We learn
sentences, we discover facts, I mean, links between different things, and still other links that are all of the same nature. We learn to combine letters, words,
phrases and ideas. We will not say that we know the truth, nor that we have become a genius. But we will know that we can, on an intellectual level, do anything
a man can do.»
Jacques Rancière in Le maître ignorant, 1987.
Portraits de la chanteuse avec ses coiffes, 2013

Les coiffes de la chanteuse, series of photographs of the singers headdresses - leather sculptures 2013

Click on the image to see the video Ballade (2013, 9'47''), the password is Balladeuse
Screenshots from the video Ballade, 2013, 9'47'' Clicking on the two following links will take you to Spirit and Salade. Two songs I made In collaboration with Gwendal Sartre SPIRIT, 3'34 SALADE, 8'58
 Procession objects for the body, 2013. Objects used in the video Ballade. 
Installation at Museum TAMAT, Tournai Belgium
The singers garment, 2013 - clothing and hairdresses for the singers performances
To see the video Blue Moon (2016 - 3'08''), click on the image. The password to Blue Moon is standing alone