For this year's Cultural Capital of Europe in Mons I was invited to participate in a project entitled Le grand Large: territoire de la pensée. 24 Belgian and international artists were invited to create an original and limited edition of flags and lithographies. The lithographies were made at Bruno Robbe's printing studio in Frameries, Belgium. Le Grand Large is one of the main projects of the 2015 official program and is to be revealed on the 20th of June, during the double opening at the Galerie du Magasin de papier (Rue de la Clef, 26 – 7000 Mons) and at the Club House du Grand-Large (Rue du Grand Large 2A – 7000 Mons). The exhibition will be running from the 20th of June untill the 27th of September 2015. To discover the flag and the lithographie please click on the images below. LA GRAND LARGE; TERRITOIRE DE LA PENSEE, 2015