L’intervalle is an in situ installation I made for Musee L, a breathtaking museum in Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium and conceived by architect André Jacqmain.
This piece of work was made for Magma Triennale 10, at Ottignies and Louvain-La-Neuve.


There is a desire both to cut and to draw the architecture of the Musée L. To show it differently, to graft myself onto it. To be as close as possible to it, and even to dress it.

I was guided by the cohabitation of two ideas that are very present in my practice: "being from here and from now" and "doing with the past for the future".

In a constant research on memory and time, I wanted to propose a work made entirely with old and charged materials, this seemed to me all the more appropriate in the context of a museum.

There is a desire to play with the limit between art and the utilitarian; by transforming the museum desk into a pedestal, by making a piece that is also a bridge and by making one that is at the same time a sculpture, a tablecloth and a piece of garment.

The proposal is about the perpetual transformation of all things. Among the images laminated and varnished on the bridge is an image that shows the remains of a cow that I saw in the Atacama desert about ten years ago. What remains of the beast are the bones and the surprisingly well preserved hide. On an old cowhide collected and used to make the bridge and surrounding the image of the remains of the cow is embroidered "Le 4ième état de la matière". In English; "The 4th state of the matter".

This reminds us of the origin of the material, underlines the many states of the materials used, and suggests that it will take on more forms in the future.

L'intervalle is to be discovered in two phases. There is the minimal installation of two ten meter long black velvet lines adhering the walls and floor of the museum that one sees on arrival and that unfolds, to the more attentive eye, a multitude of details that contain gestures of repair, of care and attention. Inviting the viewer to rest and/or to discover the stories contained in the presented work.



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