THE HUNTERS PROJECT, 2012 The figure of the hunter/gatherer had been wandering in my mind for a while when I decided to use it as a concept for this project. This figure was a model that I did not want to simply copy. I wanted to fill up my body with the hunter/gatherer's attitude. During one year I worked on what I called «the hunters project». This project is to be concidered as a story that's being told. A selfportrait too. Much the same as in the Veronica Ackerfeldt project I'm the main character as well as the storyteller. Telling a story that questions concepts of being and becoming. About physical and intellectual capacity's of this being and this becoming. Questionning ideas like fiction and reality concerning ones identity . Though the hunter/gatherer's story is told in a different way than the story of Veronica Ackerfeldt.
The medium with which Veronica tells her story -that of speech- could not be the same for the hunter. Words did not have their place here. Silence was too important. This time objects and «skins» are telling the story. These objects and rests, are loaded with the story, they carry it in them. The story is built up in a different way. There’s a center, the main idea.
And from this center grew writings, objects, videos, drawings, etc. which constitute an entity. It is the result of a slow and solid construction, though mobile and open.