Made out of used fabric or leather, the pieces of garment I make are unique. The materials are carefully chosen for their aesthetic and sensory qualities. Which gives the garment a timeless feel.
Guided by the material itself - by its sensuality and its rarity - I discover the garment at the end of the journey that represents the conception of each new piece.
It is a sculptural approach to sewing, highlighting the instinctive and artistic exploration of clothing.
The following images are a small selection of those one of a kind and handmade pieces of garment.
Many thanks to Carole Ebtinger, Mathilde Fernandez, Eva Evrard, Charlotte Khouri, Mimi and Victoire De Changy, amazing friends and artists who were willing to model for me. And to sweet Marie Aynaud for taking the pictures of the golden ensemble and the linen embroidered dress.