Born in Belgium, in the year 1987. Graduated with a Masters from Marseille's Fine Art school in 2012.



Questionning the concept of identity, of doing and becoming. Of searching and leaving on expeditions. Of remaining and renewal. Of departures without ever arriving. I'm a harlequin (1) and so is the work. The shapes in which it comes are very eclectic. From sculptures to installations, objects, textile, drawings, videos, poetry, photographs and sound. Nevertheless, all of it finds it's origin in that one mountain of material in which I'm digging.


(1) The Harlequin, wearing his caot made out of bits and pieces is the image itself of the multiple and the multitude. The harlequin isn't part of any community,
but very slightly, he is being part of every single one. - Michel Serres, Le tiers instruit, 1991.




Les fruits qui mûriront avec nous, 2013 - image photographique